Welcome to my blog!

Don’t really know where to start, but here we go! Hi, my name is Arika Johnson and this is my first blog. If I had to use a few words to describe myself it would be bubbly, friendly, and crazy (in a good way though). All my loved ones would describe me as someone who likes to “do the most”. I’m the one who likes to wear heels when I’m supposed to be casual, make my own costumes for Halloween, and change my hairstyle every month.

Enough about me. My blog’s main purpose is to showcase black businesses to my readers. The reason why I named it Black Beacon is because by definition “beacon” means a source of inspiration or light. I believe black people that have made it through the hardships of starting their own businesses is a source of inspiration for the African-American community. With the current state of our country, we as a people should make the effort in supporting these business owners. They will be the trailblazers for the next generation and leave a legacy for them to look up to. So I encourage you to look through the posts to find a business you may want to support!

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