Calabash Tea & Tonic

This wellness brand prides itself in its natural ingredients and rich heritage. It is a multi award winning brand started by a black woman, Dr. Sunyatta Amen. She is a 5th generation herbalist and naturopathic physician from a mixed ethnic family consisting of Jamaican, American, Cuban, and Native American. Her inspiration to create her own brand was her father who owned his own herb and vegan juice shops in Harlem.

Dr. Sunyatta Amen, Founder

Calabash offers a variety of products: teas, tonics, superfoods, body care, coffee, spices, food, aromatherapy, accessories, and garden seeds. There also variety boxes and bundles available for purchase as well.

Fat Black Pussycat (herbal tea)
Variety of tonics
Raw Incan Berries: Superfood
Variety of Spices
White Sage Smudge Incense Bundle
Soap: Charcoal & Turmeric Shea Butter Bar

Calabash also has in person shops in Washington, D.C.. The original shop is located in the Shaw area near Howard University. Another shop will be opened soon in the Brookland area as well.

Shaw location
Brookland location

Be sure to check out their website or even visit one of their locations once the pandemic is over!

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