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Making women “Beautiful Fit Free” has been Lori Dee’s vision to start her fitness business. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, a NAFC certified nutrition coach, and a registered yoga teacher. She believes that “having a strong healthy body is the physical projection of the beauty that lives inside of you”. Her goal is that through her fitness programs women can enjoy transforming their bodies, minds, and souls for the better.

Lori Dee, Founder

In-person services (located in Baltimore, MD) include nutrition training, personal and group yoga sessions, personal training, and corporate wellness programs. She also offers online services as well. Such programs include “Your BFF Online Coach”, fitness challenges, meal plans, and “Zoom into Fitness”. Also, if you subscribe to her mailing list she will send online fitness resources.

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The Brown Beauty Co-op

The Brown Beauty Co-op is an immersive retail space that caters to African-American that have decided to embrace their natural curls. Amaya Smith and Kimberly Smith, two best friends, envisioned creating an environment that would provide black women with products and services that would enhance their natural hair journey.

Amaya Smith and Kimberly Smith, Founders

In their store, located in Washington, D.C., they have skincare and hair care products for a variety of hair types and skin types.

One can also book a consultation to find out the best products for themself. They also help individuals that have their own brands put their products in stores. During the pandemic, they have been hosting virtual girls nights.

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Calabash Tea & Tonic

This wellness brand prides itself in its natural ingredients and rich heritage. It is a multi award winning brand started by a black woman, Dr. Sunyatta Amen. She is a 5th generation herbalist and naturopathic physician from a mixed ethnic family consisting of Jamaican, American, Cuban, and Native American. Her inspiration to create her own brand was her father who owned his own herb and vegan juice shops in Harlem.

Dr. Sunyatta Amen, Founder

Calabash offers a variety of products: teas, tonics, superfoods, body care, coffee, spices, food, aromatherapy, accessories, and garden seeds. There also variety boxes and bundles available for purchase as well.

Fat Black Pussycat (herbal tea)
Variety of tonics
Raw Incan Berries: Superfood
Variety of Spices
White Sage Smudge Incense Bundle
Soap: Charcoal & Turmeric Shea Butter Bar

Calabash also has in person shops in Washington, D.C.. The original shop is located in the Shaw area near Howard University. Another shop will be opened soon in the Brookland area as well.

Shaw location
Brookland location

Be sure to check out their website or even visit one of their locations once the pandemic is over!


Tempire Beauty

Tempire Beauty is a hair and makeup company based in Baltimore, MD. It is owned by Timelehin Laniyi, an International Business student at Howard University. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for beauty guided her to starting her own beauty business.

“I plan on expanding my business to become a platform that women can utilize to gain confidence in all their crafts and take over the world one step at a time.”


Timilehin Laniyi, Owner and Founder

She can lay, slay, and rock any hairstyle her customers desire. She offers various services such as wig construction, wig installs, and sew-ins. On her website she even sells her own lace wigs, hair tracks, and lace frontals.

Her makeup skills are untouchable. From glitz and glam to soft and natural she can do it all. She can service all of your makeup needs and finish off the look with her line of false lashes.

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Mosaik (MSK) is a clothing brand that specializes in creating streetwear that revolves around pop culture, music, and anime. The brand prides itself on innovation and creating eye catching clothing graphics. All the clothing is unisex so each item can be rocked by men and women. Sometimes they drop limited edition pieces so be sure to be on the lookout for those!

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Welcome to my blog!

Don’t really know where to start, but here we go! Hi, my name is Arika Johnson and this is my first blog. If I had to use a few words to describe myself it would be bubbly, friendly, and crazy (in a good way though). All my loved ones would describe me as someone who likes to “do the most”. I’m the one who likes to wear heels when I’m supposed to be casual, make my own costumes for Halloween, and change my hairstyle every month.

Enough about me. My blog’s main purpose is to showcase black businesses to my readers. The reason why I named it Black Beacon is because by definition “beacon” means a source of inspiration or light. I believe black people that have made it through the hardships of starting their own businesses is a source of inspiration for the African-American community. With the current state of our country, we as a people should make the effort in supporting these business owners. They will be the trailblazers for the next generation and leave a legacy for them to look up to. So I encourage you to look through the posts to find a business you may want to support!

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